Know the Beneficial Attributes of Health Laws

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Medical LawsFrom the ethics of embryonic stem cell research, to the role of government in preventing child maltreatment, to the laws governing elder care and death, to occupational health and safety regulations; all are included in the health law program. Actually, the health care law concentrates on the rules and regulations that are followed or that are to be followed by the health care industry, which includes the hospitals and hospital systems, individual practitioners who treat patients, health insurers and many others related to health and health treatments.

The Health Law

Affordable Care Act is the law which was signed by President Obama on 23rd March, 2010. This law has brought many reforms in health insurances till date.

Some of the health laws passed every year since 2010

  • A new Patient’s Bill of Rights came into the play effectively and cost free preventive services began in 2010
  • From 2011, people with Medicare got chief preventive services for free and also received a 50% off on all branded drugs in the Medicare
  • In 2012, Accountable Care Organizations
  • Open enrollment in Health Insurance Marketplace began from 1st October, 2013
  • In 2014, affordable health care insurance options for all people, especially for middle and low-income families.

Key features of Health Law or Affordable Care Act

This law provides the people with the stability and flexibility needed for making critical choices about their health. There are mainly three key features of this act – coverage, costs and care.


  • Children under the age of 19 will no longer be denied from the benefits of health plans
  • Adults under 26 will also be eligible to be covered under their parent’s health plan
  • Because of any honest mistake made by anyone, the insurers can no longer cancel anybody’s coverage
  • The right to appeal is guaranteed.


  • For all new health insurance plans, lifetime limits on most of the benefits are banned
  • Any unreasonable rate hikes by the insurance companies must be publicly justified by the companies
  • No need to spend much of your premium dollars on administrative costs.


  • Eligibility for recommended preventive health services at no cost
  • You can choose the primary care doctor you want
  • You can seek any emergency service outside of your health care plan whenever needed.

Why is health law important?

The statutes of the health care services before the passing of the act were very much outdated, inconsistent containing multiple layers of regulations. So there was an immense need for a health care law to improve the health care systems. There was a high need of some law, which would impose duties on government to promote well-being and health within the population, and restrain government from overreaching in the name of health care and many more. These all are exactly what you will receive from this health care law.

Sound and effective public health care service is what is needed. This Affordable Care Act will provide all the benefits from the health care services to all irrespective of caste or any other boundaries.